School Flooring Solutions

Dynamic and Durable Flooring

At McDrake, we understand that schools and campuses are dynamic environments with diverse needs. From bustling cafeterias to gymnasiums buzzing with sports activities and serene hallways for wayfinding, each space requires its own specialized flooring solution.

Our expertise extends to providing flooring that not only meets the functional demands of each area but also enhances the overall design aesthetic, ensuring a unified and welcoming atmosphere throughout the facility.

Flooring Enhances Learning Environments

Flooring isn't just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing learning environments. By following evidence-based design principles, we ensure that classroom flooring promotes positive behaviors and safety. Hallways facilitate easy navigation, cafeterias are easy to clean, and entryways welcome students with a cohesive design.

Why choose McDrake?

McDrake, a Class A General contractor, brings extensive expertise in flooring for educational facilities. We understand the unique needs and complexities of school environments. Whether it’s high-performance carpeting or durable hard surfaces for bathrooms and hallways, our experienced team collaborates with you to create designs that enhance the school’s ambiance.

Ready to start your project?

Our team of skilled professionals specializing in school flooring is committed to helping you select the optimal materials and installation methods. Our goal is to not only reduce costs but also enhance the longevity of your flooring while complementing modern school design aesthetics.