Custom Flooring Solutions for Shopping Centers, Stores, and More


From cozy neighborhood boutiques to expansive department stores, McDrake excels in delivering safe, sanitary, and durable retail flooring solutions for every retail environment.

Creating an outstanding retail ambiance.

Fundamentally, retail flooring functions as an investment in fostering a warm and inviting shopping ambiance. Whether for a sprawling retail emporium or a boutique nestled in a bustling strip, flooring plays a crucial role in shaping the overall aesthetic. Its primary objective is to allure shoppers, cultivate a sense of comfort, and tactically navigate their shopping journey. Furthermore, retail flooring must endure heavy foot traffic, rolling loads, and, in larger establishments, aid in wayfinding.

Why Choose McDrake?

Opting for McDrake’s flooring installation services means entrusting your project to a comprehensive solution provider. From inception to completion, our seasoned flooring professionals oversee every detail. We work closely with you to choose materials that match your design preferences and budget. Prioritizing durability, we conduct substrate testing to mitigate risks and recommend resilient materials that offer long-term value. With our meticulous approach, your flooring project is in capable hands, ensuring a successful and gratifying result.

Enhance Your Retail Space with McDrake

Our team of skilled retail flooring specialists is committed to helping you pinpoint the most appropriate flooring materials and installation methods. Our aim is to not only reduce costs but also prolong the lifespan of your flooring while harmonizing with your facility's design aesthetic.